8-Hour Transportation of Infectious Materials & Dry Ice

Initial & Refresher "INFECTIOUS MATERIALS"

8-hrs - one day          $399/person




Check out our INFECTIOUS MATERIALS Shipping Guide!


This course describes the DOT regulations (49 CFR) in effect on March 6, 2019 and the 2024 IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (65th Edition) for shipping Category A Infectious Materials, Category B Infectious Materials and Dry Ice.  


This session addresses the following topics specific to Infectious Materials and Dry Ice:

  • Classification of Infectious Materials:  Category A vs Category B
  • When to use UN 1845, UN 2814, UN 2900, UN 3291 or UN 3373.   
  • Definitions and shipping requirements of Patient Specimens, Biological Materials, more...                    
  • Requirements for using a 'Dry Shipper'.  
  • Package selection for all categories of Infectious Materials.
  • Security requirements for Division 6.2 and Class 9
  • Incident reporting
  • Use of the Emergency Response Guidebook  
  • How to complete a shipping paper:  BOL for ground and IATA Declarations for air.
  • Marking and Labeling packages
  • Self-transport exceptions for shipping Infectious Materials via ground transport


This course INCLUDES required US DOT General Awareness and Security Awareness training. Students will be provided with all course materials.

Students are provided with the HAZMATEAM Infectious Materials Shipping Guide that summarizes the major requirements. Package illustrations, shipping paper templates and more are included.



2024 Dates: November 13



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