Online: Transportation of Excepted Quantities for Ground and AIR



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Course addresses how to ship hazardous materials according to the Excepted Quantity for Ground and Air exception (49 CFR 173.4a and IATA DGR 2.6) and the De Minimis Quantity exception for air transport (IATA DGR 2.6.10).     Shipping per these exceptions are considered 'Relaxed Regulations'.   There are fewer regulatory requirements for shipping per these exceptions compared to 'fully regulated' packages.    This course is considerably shorter in duration compared to our other courses where we address all fully regulated requirements.   

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be certified to ship hazardous materials / dangerous goods per the Dangerous Goods in Excepted Quantity exceptions as described in 49 CFR 173.4a and IATA DGR 2.6.    Students will also be certified to ship hazardous materials / dangerous goods per the De Minimis Quantity Exception for air transport as described in IATA DGR 2.6.10.   Fully regulated materials and other exceptions described in 49 CFR or the IATA DGR will not be addressed.    Vessel shipments and radioactive materials are not addressed in this course.             

Students may stop and restart this course at their own pace. The course consists of video, practice problems and an examination. Students should allocate approximately 3.0 hours at the computer in order to complete this course. Upon successful completion of an online test, students can download the course certificate.  Students can always call or e-mail an instructor while working on course materials. Students will be provided with an electronic manual that includes all course materials.         





How to navigate the IATA Dangerous Goods List ('blue pages')   

Determining which materials qualify for the excepted quantity for ground and air and the de minimis quantity for air exceptions   

Specific package assembly rules for each of the exceptions

Package marking requirements

Safety considerations when handling hazardous materials / dangerous goods

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