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The regulations that govern transportation of Lithium Batteries are constantly evolving.  This online course describes the US DOT Hazardous Materials regulations (49 CFR 171-180) in effect on April 10, 2024 governing the ground transportation of fully regulated LITHIUM ION BATTERIES (UN 3480 & 3481).  This course also addresses the DOT requirements for shipping UN 3171, Battery-Powered Vehicles, when the vehicle is solely powered by a lithium battery.  This course does not address air shipping (IATA DGR) or vessel transportation (IMDG Code).

This session addresses the following topics specific to Lithium Batteries:

  • How to use the 2024 Emergency Response Guidebook
  • Differentiating lithium metal vs. lithium ion batteries.  
  • Determining if a lithium ion battery or cell is "fully regulated" or "small", or “medium”.   
  • A comprehensive review of the requirements for shipping lithium ion batteries "contained in equipment" vs. "packed with equipment" vs. lithium ion batteries shipped without equipment.  
  • Hazardous properties of lithium ion batteries, safety concerns and incident reporting
  • Requirements for selection of packaging, affixing package marks/labels, prototype battery requirements and completion of shipping papers. 
  • When to use the Lithium Battery label vs the Lithium Battery handling mark.
  • Requirements for shipping prototypes batteries
  • Ground requirements for shipping Battery-Powered Vehicles (ex - wheelchairs, e-bikes, robots used carry goods, others) solely powered by lithium batteries.
  • Use of the 'Material of Trade' exception for the self-transport of lithium ion batteries.

This course INCLUDES required US DOT General Awareness and Security Awareness training. Students will be provided with an electronic manual that includes all course materials.

Students are provided with the HAZMATEAM 2024 Lithium Battery Shipping Guide that summarizes the major requirements. Package illustrations, shipping paper templates and more are included.  

Students may stop and restart this course at their own pace. The course consists of videos, practice problems and an examination. Students should allocate approximately 6 -7 hours at the computer in order to complete this course. Upon successful completion of an online test, students will be issued a certificate. Students can always call or e-mail an instructor while working on course materials.


Course: Battery Type: Sizes: Modes: Approx. Duration
Lithium Batteries

Rechargeable & Non-Rechargeable

All sizes Ground (49 CFR), Air (IATA) & Vessel (IMDG) 10-11 hours
Lithium Batteries Ground & Air Rechargeable & Non-Rechargeable All Sizes Ground (49 CFR) & Air (IATA) 8.5 - 10 hours
Small Lithium Batteries Rechargeable & Non-Rechargeable Small & Medium Ground (49 CFR) & Air (IATA) 7 - 8 hours

8-HR Transportation of Lithium Batteries Classroom

Rechargeable & Non-Rechargeable All Sizes Ground (49 CFR) & Air (IATA) 8 - hours



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