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Covers the 2024 International Air Transport Association (IATA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and US DOT PHMSA shipping requirements for air transport of Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials found in the 65th Edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and 49 CFR 171-180. 

Topics include: definitions, classification (including environmentally hazardous substance classification), using the IATA Dangerous Goods List (“blue pages”), labeling, marking, packaging requirements unique to air transport, using the packing instructions (“yellow pages”), package segregation, exceptions, completing the Dangerous Goods Declaration form, air waybills, state (country) variations, operator (airline) variations and how to use the DOT PHMSA webpage. Does not cover radioactive materials.

The goal of this course is to have the student walk away with a thorough understanding of how to use the IATA DGR, but most importantly, how to ship dangerous goods.  The course consists of video instruction, practice problems and an examination.  Depending upon whether the student is taking this course as an initial or refresher, students should allocate approximately 11 to 15 hours at the computer in order to complete this course. 

Students may stop and restart this course at their own pace. Upon successful completion of an online test, students will be issued a certificate. Students can always call or e-mail an instructor while working on course materials. Students will be provided with an electronic manual that includes slide handouts and other course materials. The student must have the 65th Edition (2024) IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations in order to take this course.


COURSE OUTLINE (each lesson video is approximately 5 - 15 minutes duration, 7.25 hours total video time):

Lesson One:    Introduction to the DG Regulations and definitions

Lesson Two: Definitions

Lesson Three: State Variations and Using PHMSA regulation web page

Lesson Four: Operator Variations

Lesson Five: Introduction to Classification

Lesson Six: Classification of Class 1 & 2

Lesson Seven: Classification of Class 3

Lesson Eight: Classification of Class 4

Lesson Nine: Classification of Class 5 & 6

Lesson Ten: Classification of Class 7, 8 and 9

Lesson Eleven: Environmentally Hazardous Substances

Lesson Twelve: Classification Precedence

Lesson Thirteen: Safety

Lesson Fourteen: Selecting Proper Shipping Names Part I

Lesson Fifteen: Selecting Proper Shipping Names Part II

Lesson Sixteen:  Dangerous Goods List Columns C, D and E

Lesson Seventeen: Packing Instructions Part I - Introduction to PI and limits

Lesson Eighteen: Packing Instructions Part II

Lesson Nineteen:  Packing Instructions Part III - PIs for Lithium Batteries and Gasses.

Lesson Twenty:  IATA Special Provisions

Lesson Twenty-one:  Introduction to exceptions: Excepted Quantity and De minimis Quantity exceptions

Lesson Twenty-two:  Exceptions Part II: Limited Quantity Exception

Lesson Twenty-three: General Packaging Part I: Overpacks, Salvage Packaging and Introduction to Section 5.0.2

Lesson Twenty-four: General Packaging Part II: Pressure testing of inner containers, segregation, mixed packaging, Q-calculations 

Lesson Twenty-five: General Packaging Part III: 

Lesson Twenty-six: Package Specifications Part I - UN Specification packaging for single and combination packages; closure instructions

Lesson Twenty-seven: Package Specifications Part II - UN/DOT cylinders, IBCs and UN packages for Category A Infectious Materials

Lesson Twenty-eight: Package Marks Part I

Lesson Twenty-nine: Package Marks Part II

Lesson Thirty: Package Marks Part III

Lesson Thirty-one: Labels Part I

Lesson Thirty-two: Labels Part II

Lesson Thirty-three: Marks and labels for Packages Containing Lithium Batteries.  Use of the HAZMATEAM LITHIUM BATTERY SHIPPING GUIDE (which includes shipping Data Loggers).

Lesson Thirty-four: Introduction to Documentation; Declaration retention, Airwaybills and US Emergency Response Information 

Lesson Thirty-five: Completing the Dangerous Goods Declaration Part I

Lesson Thirty-six: Completing the Dangerous Goods Declaration Part II

Lesson Thirty-seven: Completing the Dangerous Goods Declaration Part III

Lesson Thirty-eight: Cargo Acceptance, the IATA Checklists, Find the Error problems and Course Conclusion

There are 11 practice problems disbursed throughout the course (Estimated time to complete all practice problems: 1-3 hours)

Final Exam (Estimate time to complete exam: 1-3 hours)

HAZMATEAM is now a member of the Dangerous Goods Training Association (DGTA).  DGTA promotes and develops exceptional competence in dangerous goods trainers worldwide through education, communication, networking and voluntary professional certification. For more information, visit  We are not affiliated with IATA.


DEP TCH: 6 (BC-2017-3175)
NH DES CEUs: 0.8



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