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This online course addresses required topics per 29 CFR 1910.120 (q)(6)(iii), Hazardous Materials Technician level training.

Who needs this training?   This training is required for individuals who respond to releases or potential releases for the purpose of stopping the release. They assume a more aggressive role than a first responder at the operations level in that they will approach the point of release in order to plug, patch or otherwise stop the release of a hazardous substance.

This is a pre-recorded course that includes 74 video lessons and 13 practice sets.    Students can work at their own pace on the course materials: start and stop content as you please.   You will resume the course where you leave off after each session.   Students can e-mail or call an instructor while taking this course during normal business hours.    

This course features video instruction (not a boring set of slides) from our HAZMATEAM certified trainers.    Videos include demonstrations of how to use all equipment used by spill responders.  

Equipment demonstrations include:

Our trainers will demononstrate donning and doffing all evels of protection (Levels A, B, C and D), use of air-purifying respirators, self-contained breathing apparatus, air line with escape pack, decontamination methods (wet decon, semi-wet and dry), use of overpacks, salvage cylinders, 4-gas meters (oxygen, LEL, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen sulfide), pH paper, colorometric tubes and radiation meters

NOTE: students are expected to self-certify hands-on competency with the above equipment.

This online session addresses the following topics:

  • Emergency response planning.
  • Classification of hazardous materials (DOT Hazmat classification, OSHA GHS, NFPA)
  • Identification of hazardous materials
  • Characteristics of hazardous materials
  • Use of field instruments:  Oxygen meters, LEL sensors, Toxic monitors, Radiation meters, pH paper, more…
  • How to function within the Incident Command System
  • Incident reporting (CERCLA RQs, OSHA, DOT Hazmat)
  • Principles of toxicology (LD50, PEL, TLV, STEL, IDLH)
  • Respiratory Protection (Respirator selection, fit tests, medical clearance, written plans, more…)
  • Information sources (SDS, CAMEO Chemicals, 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook, NIOSH Guide, more…)
  • Personnel Protective Equipment (fabric selection, Level A, B, C & D, regulatory requirements, use of specialized equipment, more…)
  • Hazard and Risk Assessment techniques
  • Advance control, containment, and/or confinement techniques
  • How to implement decontamination procedures (responder decon and victim decon)
  • Waste disposal overview
  • Termination procedures.

Students will work on practice sets throughout the course and a final exam will be given at the conclusion of the course.    A certificate will be awarded after successfully passing the exam.   Students must self-certify hands-on competency with equipment used on the job.



NH CEUs = 2.4
Approved by the Maine Board of Underground Storage Tank Installers CECH = 6

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